3 Ingredient Chocolate Crepes

Nothing beats a good, quick and minimal ingredient recipes, just mix 3 ingredients, and you're done. With two toddlers running around, nowadays I tend to gravitate towards the quick and easy, because time is of the essence, so this recipe is perfect.


Are you ready, the 3 ingredients are

1 cup of Gluten free flour
1 egg


3/4 cup of chocolate milk ( I used Alpro Soya Chocolate Milk)

and thats it,
basically all you do is whip/blend or mix these three ingredients together until they form a custardy consistency, and cook on a non-stick pan.

I love topping these with fresh fruit, coconut yogurt, maple syrup - and for that extra touch, crushed almonds - perfect for that hint of praline

Now thats a recipe I can't wait to make again, its so easy and versatile, I'll try the next one with vanilla flavoured almond or coconut milk.