Peanut butter cheesecake cups

These little cups of joy are perfect in this blistering heat hitting Malta right now - caution though - they melt super quickly. Just like the rest of my treats these are refined sugar free, gluten free and also vegan and dairy free. Now just to clear things up, I am not a 'full time' vegan but I'm slowly incorporating more veggies and whole foods in my diet so that when I can fully transition, it will be a gradual and easy process. Plus even if you're not vegan, you can still try out new recipes, especially if they're guilt free, right?

These super easy cups were made as follows, the base is a mixture of gluten free oats, peanut butter (the healthy no added sugar or nasties kind) and a bit of maple syrup, mixed all together, and placed in a cupcake silicon sheet and in the freezer for 10 minutes (silicone as its super easy to bring them out once frozen)

Till the base is in the freezer, use the cream from a coconut milk can (don't mix before hand, we want the water vs the cream bit separated, you can use the excess milk for smoothies or baked goods) add some peanut butter, tahini and maple syrup, and place over the frozen oat base. Freeze for a couple of hours, or overnight.

Top with cacao syrup, recipe here, and some crushed nuts

Once ready, you might need to let them thaw for 2 minutes before diving in