Sweet Potatoe Chocolate and peanut butter Brownies

Can you tell I love chocolate and peanut butter? This recipe was inspired by the amazing deliciously ella, the recipe has been tweaked a little

Ingredients, for the brownies

1 large sweet potatoes (peeled, steamed/ roasted)
10 Medjool dates
4 tbsp honey
1.5 cups gluten free flour
5 tablespoons cacao powder
peanut butter

For the icing

2 tbsp of coconut oil
2 tbsp of peanut butter
1 tbsp of honey
2 tablespoons of cacao powder


Preheat the oven to 180C
Add the pooled/steamed sweet potatoes and the dates to a blender
Blend until smooth.
Place the rest of the ingredients into another bowl, mix ingredients together, then mix in the potatoe/date mixture.

Place in a baking dish (when you run out of baking paper, just wipe the dish with some coconut oil)  and top with 4-5 dollops of peanut butter straight out the jar, get a fork or knife out and swirl it into the brownie mix

Bake for about 30minutes or until you pierce the brownie with a knife and it will be dry. Remove from the tray and let it cool down entirely

Make the icing (just before removing the brownie from the oven) by melting all ingredients together, mixing it well and placing in the fridge to firm for 10 minutes

Once the brownie has cooled, top with the icing, cut into desired chunks and enjoy