Post-workout gluten free egg bruschetta

This is perfect for those post-workout munchies, I'm a big fan of toast, I grew up eating bread and pastas, though now that I'm trying to eat healthier and fresh natural clean foods, hams and cheeses are out, so the alternative to that and something high in protein is this egg bruschetta. 
The key ingredient here is pure olive oil, it makes such a difference in the bruschetta.



2 eggs
2 slices gluten free toast
6-10 Cherry tomatoes 
Fresh basil
Pure olive oil
Salt and pepper


Fry the eggs in a pan with a little coconut oil
Cut the cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, and place in a bowl, drizzle the pure olive oil, salt and pepper on, and let the tomatoes absorb the oil until the eggs are done
Layer the eggs on the toast and top with bruschetta