5-minute caramelised oat granola

I've tried many types of homemade granolas, with homemade date syrup instead of oil, with all types of nuts, roasted coconut chips, cinnamon, and cacao nibs, but somehow, I always come back to this simple recipe, plus, I've found that cooking the oats over a stove top first, without and oil or honey, till they brown, produces roasted oats, then after adding the coconut oil and honey just caramelises them, lastly for that finished touch, add one sort of nut or seed for that extra crunch.

This simple breakfast is something I prefer over oatmeal or omelettes, is plain, but has staple flavours I use in my kitchen daily, from simple coconut yogurt, topped with fresh fruit (you will soon realize that figs are my ultimate favourite fruit, pity there only around for a couple of weeks) and homemade 5-minute granola.